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Slip and Fall Injury Liability

Slip and Fall Accident and Injury Attorney

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At one time or another, we have all seen news footage of a person seeking a “big payday” by faking a slip and fall accident and we all have a good laugh at the poor acting.

But the truth is that thousands of people throughout the country sustain real injuries each day due to unsafe and dangerous conditions that exist at a commercial or residential property.

The law requires property and business owners to always maintain a safe environment to ensure the safety of visitors on the property.

Senior businessman falling near caution sign in hallway

If a safety hazard does exist, the property or business owner has a legal responsibility to clearly mark off the unsafe area to divert visitors and make prompt repairs and/or clean up of the area.

Unsafe and dangerous conditions that commonly cause slip and fall accidents and injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Leaks and Wet floors
  • Unmarked Hazards
  • Broken Steps
  • Poorly Maintained Floors
  • Foreign Substances on Floors
  • Out-of-Code Stairs and Railings
  • Damaged or Cracked Walkways
  • Products Falling from Shelves in Stores
  • Defective Stairways
  • Railing Failures
  • Poor Lighting or Lights Burned Out
  • Unsafe Conditions at Malls, Markets, Office Buildings, and Retail Stores
  • Snow Covered or Icy Sidewalks and Parking Lots

Some people do not think they have a case because they were at fault as well. But here is what you need to know about that.
When a person is injured in a slip and fall accident due to the negligence or carelessness of a property or business owner, the injuries are real, the pain is real, and the burdens placed on the victim and their families are real.

Depending upon the specific circumstances of an accident and injury case, you may be entitled to seek compensation and damages for:

  • Injuries as a direct result of the accident or incident;
  • Lost Wages;
  • Medical Bills;
  • Pain and Suffering;
  • Permanent or long-term loss of quality of life;
  • And when there is a loss of life, families may also seek compensation in a wrongful death case.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a slip and fall injury, seek the legal advice and representation of an experienced slip and fall injury attorney. At The Law Offices of Peter A. Shapiro & Jonathan D. Wilson you will work with an experienced lawyer who is dedicated to helping Central Florida residents and visitors seek justice for injuries as a result of a slip and fall accident or incident. If you have never heard of us let this video set your questions at ease.
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