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Criminal Traffic Defense

Criminal Traffic Offenses involve actions of a motor vehicle operator that put others’ safety in great danger or using a motor vehicle during the commission of certain crimes.

Common criminal traffic offenses include, but are not limited to:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol;
  • Driving with suspended or revoked license;
  • Violating court approved hardship driving privileges;
  • Reckless driving;
  • Driving with an open container;
  • Having illegal drugs in the vehicle (drug possession, drug trafficking);
  • Leaving the scene of an accident;
  • Illegal street racing;
  • Eluding law enforcement.

The actions of the Criminal Traffic Offense may be its own crime or the contributing factor of another crime.

It is important to note that any criminal charge conviction has the potential for fines, jail or prison time, or other penalties. A conviction will give you a permanent criminal history that may affect many of your life’s goals and aspirations you have for your future. If the conviction is for a felony criminal traffic offense you will lose some of your basic civil rights such as your right to vote, hold public office, work in certain employment professions, sit on a jury, own a passport, or own or possess a firearm.

As your legal counsel, we will thoroughly review the evidence against you, witness statements, police reports, and any other relevant factors, such as the circumstances of your arrest and the actions of law enforcement officers. If there are areas to provide reasonable doubt, our goal is to find and present them to the prosecutor, judge and/or jury.

If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal traffic offense, seek the legal advice and representation of an experienced criminal traffic defense attorney. At The Law Offices of Peter A. Shapiro & Jonathan D. Wilson, you will work with an experienced lawyer who is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals charged with a criminal traffic offense or any other additional criminal charges throughout the Central Florida area and its surrounding counties.

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